Rando, Syfy, Lions Official, and More

By Chris Mills on at

This week saw a lot of iOS favourites finally coming to Android users. Want an anonymous means of spamming pictures, a better way to watch TV, or much, much more? We've got you sorted.

Burner, Facebook Home, and More

Rando: Another app that originally appeared for iOS only, Rando sends you an anonymous image from around the world and lets you send your own anonymous images to some unsuspecting stranger. The whole thing is random, as you may have guessed, and there's no likes, no comments, no direct communication of any kind. Just pics. Free

Syfy: Science shows that we're a vacuous bunch of gits who can't even watch TV without using our phones at the same time. But if you're gonna be that way, you might as well load up a second-screen app, so that as well as tweeting endlessly about new Mad Men, you can get all sorts of interesting info about what you're watching. Free 

The Room: Remember those old text-based adventure puzzle-solving games you could run on DOS? This is like that, only with sweeter graphics. £1.49

Lions Official: Ok, so the Six Nations didn't go exactly to plan, but there's still the upcoming Lions tour to give us hope, and this is the app to follow the build-up and the tour proper, with a plethora of news, video and even a competition. Free

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