Razer's Honouring Unauthorised 90 Per Cent Off Coupon Purchases at a Huge Loss

By Kyle Wagner on at

This is only a Dealzmodo in the past tense, but Razer just said it's going to honour purchases made with a third party coupon that went viral this week, which gave users 90 per cent off on the Razer UK store. That's kind of astounding.

The coupon was supposed to be used by a third party company to test Razer's shopping cart, but instead it got out and thousands of orders got through. It only included items on the UK store—so no Blade or Edge—but that's still a crazy amount of orders. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said on a Facebook status update that even though it was likely to cost Razer a TON of money, since the items are being sold well under cost, it still wants to do right by gamers. So it's honouring all sales on single purchases, but cancelling those ordering multiples of the same item. Those buyers can still pick up one of whatever they ordered. Solid move, Razer. [Razer]