Rumour: HTC First Might be the New "Facebook Phone"

By Gary Cutlack on at

A prolific Twitter tech spec leaker has published an image of a new smartphone going by the name HTC First, which, according to wild internet speculation we're happy to be part of, may well be the first proper Facebook phone to feature the social network's bespoke mobile software.

The leaked image seems to confirm this in a couple of ways. While it looks quite similar to any low-end Android phone from the last few years, the usual Home button has been replaced here by a little circle icon, which is not something HTC or any of the numerous Android makers have used before. Plus it looks pretty cheap and it comes in a range of colours, both of which you'd expect of a mass market device.

Given that we're expecting Facebook and HTC to team up for an all-new Facebook themed mobile experience that builds a whole new ecosystem on top of Android, we ought to find out exactly what they have coming at Facebook's big event on April 4th. [Evleaks via 9to5 Google]