Rumour: All-New Mac Pro Range May Appear This Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're planning on updating your home/office computing infrastructure, you might want to put your plans on hold for a few weeks pending a rumoured refresh of Apple's high-end Mac Pro range.

Rather interestingly, the rumour, which comes via Mac Daily News, goes quite a bit further than the usual processor boosts. We might see a entire "Mac Pro replacement" arrive according to the site's source, which could see Apple ditching the bulky metallic manly power-chassis in favour of something... different. Something a little less... Jeremy Clarkson.

Don't sit on the edge of anything in anticipation just yet, though, as the source says the April announcement of the new Mac Pro could slip into May. Or June. It's a bit of a vague one. [Mac Daily News via Slashgear]