Rumour: Google Planning $1bn Swoop for Messaging Giant WhatsApp

By Gary Cutlack on at

Internet rumour has it that Google is currently negotiating terms for the purchase of hot cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp, with a final price expected to top out near the hallowed one billion dollars mark. That's about £652,000,000 which doesn't sound quite as cool.

The rumour comes from DigitalTrends, which says an unnamed source is claiming that negotiations between Google and WhatsApp have been going on for weeks, with the app maker holding out for as big a pay day as possible. And when Google comes calling, that really is your one big shot at getting enough money to assemble your dream Ferrari collection, so you may as well try your luck and randomly ask for extra millions.

With Google also said to be working on a unified chat system known as Babble, perhaps WhatsApp is seen as providing a simple entry point into Google's tangled comms world? [DigitalTrends]