Sad Government Accountants Probing £1.2bn 4G License Flop

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Audit Office, which is like the nagging voice that keeps track of the government's spending and receipts, is to investigate the results of the recent 4G auction -- which saw the mobile networks paying £1.2bn less than anticipated.

According to a letter seen by Labour MP Helen Goodman, the NAO's boss Amyas Morse said he will be ordering his accountancy troops to carry out a "value-for-money study" into Ofcom's handling of the auction. Goodman claims Ofcom failed to get maximum value for the taxpayer out of the much delayed next-gen mobile spectrum sale, which could theoretically have pulled in an extra £3bn than it actually achieved had the UK networks paid the maximum amount for the right to sell us 4G services. [Guardian]

Image credit: Accountants from Shutterstock