Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown: Easy to Fix By Design

By Mario Aguilar on at

Samsung barely tweaked the exterior design of the Galaxy S4. That plastic casing might not be much to look at, but as iFixit's teardown reveals, that's precisely why you can replace much of its guts without any hassle.

The slim, aluminum unibody design of gorgeous handsets like the HTC One and the iPhone pose a real problem for DIY fixers. They're sealed together so tightly, and their guts are packed so densely that even with proper tools and some know-how, you might break something.

Getting at the Galaxy S4's guts, on the other hand, is a cinch. That's partly by design: the back cover pops off so you can replace the battery without any tools at all. From there, taking everything else apart by removing just 11 screws.

Once you're in, though, things are a little trickier. The internal components are modular so you can replace them individually, but they're glued into place so you'll need to work a little to spring them loose. And you better not break the glass panel because it's permanently attached top both the AMOLED display and the phone's frame. [iFixit]

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