Sega Forced to Add "Sorry We Lied a Bit" Disclaimer to Aliens Adverts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Game publisher Sega has already come in for heaps of criticism over its Colonial Marines title, with the finished Aliens shooter bearing only a passing resemblance to earlier adverts and preview code. And the Advertising Standards people have upheld a player's complaint about the apparent bait and switch.

The ruling by the ASA was prompted by a letter from a player, who posted the reply he received from the ad standards body over on Reddit. Complaining of the "absurd differences" between previews and the finished game, Sega was forced to admit to using alternate code to advertise the game, accepting the fact that the final game, for some odd and still not really understood reason, failed to deliver the look and feel of the earlier imagery.

Sega's agreed to add a disclaimer to all YouTube videos and adverts, although, for many, the damage has already been done. And marking the ads as using "demo" footage doesn't make the bizarre case of how the shoddy end product appeared any clearer. Unless the disclaimer says "Warning: Actual Game Looks Worse" it's all a bit pointless. [Reddit via Ars]