Sidewall Skiing the Hot New Thing With Saudi Arabia's Bored Youth

By Gary Cutlack on at

You know how the heat drives you mad? Makes you all itchy and impulsive? That's the only explanation for the trend known as sidewall skiing, which sees bored youths flipping their vehicles onto two wheels then standing on the sides.

Occasionally, for an extra thrill, someone leans out of the door and takes one of the wheels off while the car is up on two wheels, taking insane levels of risk with the driver's no claims bonus. Other photos show pedestrians sitting on the road in pairs while cars on two wheels drive between them. Presumably there are some horrendous outtake compilations doing the rounds.

The above YouTube clip shows a passenger managing to change all four wheels of a car as it drives along, so it's also quite practical as well as life threatening. [New York Daily News via Techeblog]