Sky Apologises For Mad Men Sky Go Blunder

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems legions of people were up in arms over an apparent lack of the brand new series Mad Men on Sky Go. Eager cord-cutters and Sky-subscription sharers alike were queued up last night to watch the live stream of the premier of latest season of Mad Men, only to be greeted with an error basically saying "not available". Anger ensued.

After contacting Sky about why Mad Men wasn't available on SkyGo, and whether it was a rights issue or something, it seems someone at Sky just plain screwed up. Mad Men was meant to be on Sky Go right from the off, but an internal error made it show up as unavailable:

"We'd really like to apologise to any customers who tried to watch the new episodes of Mad Men live through Sky Go. In error, the service suggested that we were unable to show the episodes due to rights issues."

"This is not the case and the episodes are now available to watch on demand through Sky Go and through our catch up service on Sky+. And the rest of the season will be available to watch live on Sky Go."

So there we have it. No conspiracy to keep the good stuff offline, and if you're a Sky Goer, you should be set for the rest of them. Still, a bit embarrassing, although it does show just how many people have Sky Go but not a satellite dish mounted on their wall. Maybe more people have cut the proverbial cord than we realised.

Image credit: Access denied from Shutterstock