Sorry Guys, Science Says Penis Size Does Matter

By Sam Gibbs on at

No matter what you tell yourself -- that it's not the size the counts, it's what you do with it -- science has just proven that it's all bunk. The size of your male member does count, and in fact, it's as attractive to women as height.

Using computer generated images of naked men, with all sorts of different sizes, heights and shapes, researchers discovered that penis size, up to a point, was more attractive than most other attributes, only equalled by height. In fact, a large penis compensated for other, well, shortcomings.

They also found that over a certain size, the dumb stick could actually get too big, and became less attractive to the test group of women, which isn't really surprising.

The researchers suggest that this could be an evolutionary throwback, from a time when humans ran around in the buff, and the size of a man's schlong could have been an indicator for virility and age, something desirable in finding a mate. It's also been hypothesised that this is why humans have a substantially larger penis than other primates, as it was positively selected for size by women over many generations.

Anyway, these days, as we're all sensibly covered in clothes, I doubt it really makes a huge difference, but if you're short, fat or ugly, maybe bearing your massive dong might help your cause a little? Either that or it'll get you locked up for public exposure, I guess. [PNAS via New Scientist]

Image credit: Shock from Shutterstock