The BBC Managed to Lose £750,000 Worth of Gear in Just Three Years

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems the MoD isn't the only publically-funded body that's good at losing things. While the military loses drones, the BBC apparently loses laptops, tablets and mobile phones; 785 of the things in fact, and in just three years too. Your Licence Fee put to good use right there.

To be fair, the freedom of information request also includes personal equipment lost or stolen from individual BBC staff that wouldn't be covered by the Licence Fee. According to the BBC, talking to the Telegraph, we know only 170 BBC-issues machines we lost in 2012, totalling to £255,000. Given the BBC moved offices from London to Manchester last year, I would bet that quite a lot of those went walkies or got busted up in the upheaval.

Still, that's a lot of gear to go missing, lost or stolen in three years. Best keep a tighter grip on those phones and laptops, eh? [The Telegraph]