The Chinese Equivalent of Google Is Trying to Make the Chinese Equivalent of Google Glass Because Of Course

By Casey Chan on at

Baidu, the Chinese search engine used in China, is reportedly working on a Chinese version of Google Project Glass that'll be called Baidu Eye. Because OF COURSE they would. It makes perfect sense for knockoff Google to knock off Project Glass, right?

Sina is reporting that it's pretty much exactly like Google Glass:

Similar to Google Glass eyewear, Baidu Eye has functions such as an LCD display, voice-controlled image recognition and bone-sensing. A user's voice would control functions on the gadget such as making phone calls and doing basic Web searches. The device would also recognize a user's gestures to take and send photos.

The Baidu Eye will be an open platform for developers to make apps on. Foxconn is expected to build the Baidu Eye and apparently, the battery will last 12 hours with the help of Qualcomm. It's only a matter of time before we here about some Chinese company developing a Chinese iWatch. [Sina via CNET]