The Daily Mail Makes It Even Easier to Infuriate Britain's Lowest Common Denominator

By Gary Cutlack on at

Britain's favourite hypocritical outrage and celebrity-arse photograph portal has launched a public-facing stats page, giving normal people an easy way to shake their heads in dismay at the opinions of its mad, racist, angry nutcase readers.

The Daily Mail stats page features traffic rankings for the UK and worldwide, comment numbers, social share stats and a "feel good factor" graph demonstrating whether people have been voting comments up or down of late. It even lets you instantly see the most down-voted comments on the site, should you fancy jumping straight in to where it's all kicking off to cause the maximum of grief in the shortest period of time. Result.

What's a little worrying is the way it pulls out these comments out of context, complete with links to the user's profile page, for all to see. If you've a secret history of putting nasty words on the internet, it's now much easier to get rumbled. [Daily Mail]