The Future of High Definition Phone Calls

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The Samsung GALAXY Note II is a truly terrific smartphone, but it brings a lot to the party in terms of its most basic function – making crystal clear phone calls.

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the very first phone call made. The first mobile phone call took place on April 3 1973, by a pioneer called Martin Cooper, though it was another decade before the handset came to market.

And it wasn't exactly a social call, he phoned his rival to gloat that he had beat him to being able to produce a prototype of the first ever cell phone.

Martin Cooper [Image: Rico Shen]

Back then it seemed that mobile phones would be expensive commodities and it would have seemed unbelievable that handsets such as the Samsung GALAXY Note II could not only exist, but could put such unbelievable power in our pockets.

Things have moved on from that crackly first call though and mobile networks have also improved exponentially – so much so that we can make calls in far-flung areas of the country and at great quality.

Here we explain how and why this is, and find out where call quality is heading in the near future.

Cell Phone Tower [Image credit: Joe Ravi]

The GALAXY Note II has been precision engineered to provide fewer signal drop-offs halfway through important conversations or fuzzy losses of reception in low-signal areas.

Early smartphones failed to live up to their promise and didn't provide the call quality we'd come to expect even from feature phones. But the GALAXY Note II is one of the best new handsets on the market for use as a phone – and, naturally, the best smartphone, too.

The GALAXY Note II has been designed to bring you the very best in call quality and Samsung has worked hard to make it a great experience for you using the handset.

Samsung's own TouchWiz Nature user interface has been re-worked for the Note II and makes the process of making calls easier than ever. The handset features active noise cancellation with its own dedicated microphone, reducing background noise and meaning that calls are clearer than ever, especially in noisy environments such as crowds and alongside traffic.

The GALAXY Note II's speakers are loud and clear and don't distort, meaning you can also have a clear conversation if you decide to put your call on speaker. Say goodbye to crackled conversations when on speakerphone.

The earpiece also has a great volume to it, meaning you won't miss out on those important conversation points or instructions from your boss.


Next-gen 4G networks

Finally, in the UK, the GALAXY Note II will work great on EE's next-generation 4G network as well as on other 4G networks when they're available. That means even better call coverage, so you'll get fewer dropped calls then you've ever experienced before.

In the US, AT&T will support the technology as it begins to support voice over its LTE 4G network. T-Mobile has already launched, while Sprint is also planning to launch the technology in the future. AT&T has faced problems with call quality and dropped calls in previous years, something it believes is firmly in the past.

Plus, according to various sources, Verizon will also launch the service in 2013. Great HD voice quality is just around the corner for many of us.