The HTC One Could End Up Getting Banned From Europe By Nokia

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems HTC just can't catch a break. It's got a stellar phone in the One, but it can't get them out the door quick enough because of supply issues, and now Nokia's attempting to ban it. It's managed to get a preliminary injunction against HTC, which could see it barred from sale in Europe.

The legal spat is all about a pair of high-amplitude "HDR" dual-membrane microphones used in both the HTC One and Nokia's Lumia 720. Apparently they're made by STK Microelectronics for both parties; the problem is that Nokia reckons they were developed specifically for Nokia, not to be shared with anyone else.

So, while the HTC One is caught in the crossfire, it's actually Nokia having an issue with STK Microelectronics in a roundabout way. Not that that's any consolation to HTC of course; it still faces the prospect of getting banned from the Netherlands and possibly the rest of Europe is things go badly. Poor HTC -- it just can't catch a break right now. [The Inquirer]