The Secret Twitter Music Feature That Adds a Dash of Awesome

By Eric Limer on at

Twitter's stab at the music scene burst on the scene a few weeks ago, in all it's celebrity-stalking glory. But there's at least one feature that's still hiding behind the scenes: a LastFM-like "similar artists" option, and you can coax it out if you know the secret code.

Discovered by Tyler Hayes the feature can be unlocked with just a little URL tweaking. If you take your favourite artist's page it'll have a URL likeĀ" (JUST AN EXAMPLE). Now, if you add /instant to the end, you'll suddenly find yourself with a plethora of similar artists. And this way, you don't have to wait for them to come to you.

Presumably, this is ultimately going to come to Twitter Music in the form of a button at some point, but in the meanwhile, it's a bit of hidden functionality that only the cool kids know about. And also all you guys now, I guess. [Tyler Hayes via The Next Web]