This Awesome Retro Radio Looks More Like a Martian Than a Tune Box

By Sam Gibbs on at

Radios are normally boring, bland boxes with an aerial sticking out somewhere, but not so for the French design legends over at Lexon. This sweet-looking Mezzo Radio brings your Martian-loving future crashing right into your retro-grilled past, and it won't even break the bank, either.

For £44 of your hard earned moolah, you'll bag yourself something that could easily be mistaken for the eBuddy icon. It packs an AM/FM radio, so unfortunately no DAB on show here, and an amp for plugging in something else like an iPhone. A 3W speaker pumps out the tunes, while two good knobs sort what you're listening to.

It comes in four colours -- brown, khaki, blue and red -- and can be powered from the mains or just a set of AAs. Its even made out of ABS, so it should be rugged enough to withstand your trips to the park, if the British summer ever actually arrives. Just watch where you're sticking that aerial, eh? [Lexon via Retro To Go]