This Crazy Giraffe Floor Lamp Could Be a Pixar Mascot

By Eric Limer on at

A floor lamp isn't typically a place you'd expect to find a lot of personality, but this one showcased at the Milan furniture fair has plenty of it. You'd half expect to see it prancing around on screen before a Pixar movie.

Fittingly named "Giraffe" and desgined by Bernhard | Burkhard, the lamp's extendable neck doesn't just look crazy, but actually provides some functionality too. Mostly though it just looks crazy:

From the designers:

The lever of the lamp works by a system of scissors on a curved shape. This technical innovation makes it flexible and very adaptable in any situation. The combination of the functional parts made from metal with the wooden legs brings the design in unique field that combines technical and homelike aspects.

No word on availability now or never, but if it ever gets out in the real world, it could be a nice addition to any living room wild-life preserve. I'm holding out for the floor lamp rhino though. [Contemporist]