This Floor-to-Ceiling Lamp Marries Modern-Day Tech and Old School Design

By Eric Limer on at

Lamps can be pretty, but there are few quite as versatile as Konstantin's Grcic's OK Lamp. Both a ceiling fixture, but also kind of a floor lamp, its rotating LED panel can cover almost any possible angle. And it's form is the marriage of new tech with decades-old design.

Mounted on a floor-to-ceiling, steel-cable track, the OK lamp can be whatever height you please, while it's incredibly modest body makes use of ultra-flat, edge-lit LEDs to minimise weight and size while still packing enough power to light up a room.

And while the guts are pretty modern, the idea itself is a bit older. Known as the Parentesi Lamp, this kind of vertical, track-mounted, adjustable lamp was designed by Pio Manz├╣ and Achille Castiglioni in the late 60s. It's been in continuous production since 1972. But while the basic design logic has remained constant, the new ability to not have an actual bulb has allowed the lamp to evolve from the inside out.

This Floor-To-Ceiling Lamp Marries Modern-Day Tech and Old School Design

The OK lamp was just shown off at the recent Milan Design Week, and isn't in production yet, but if it takes after its predecessor, it will be soon. And for a long time to come. [Designboom]