This Gorgeous Kettle Is How Iron Man Boils Water

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It looks like KitchenAid has finally learned a trick from sportscar manufacturers like Ferrari, and even Iron Man. The company's newest addition to its Pro Line of appliances is this lustworthy electric kettle that comes with an optional candy apple red colour scheme that makes it look like it could boil water in three seconds.

It can't, of course, but the 1.5L kettle does have an awesomely old school analogue water level gauge on the side of its stainless steel dome for perfect measurements. And an adjustable thermostat on the base letting you dial in a specific water temperature from 50 to 100 degrees celsius—making it perfect for tea snobs. A series of LEDs start to glow as the water gets hotter and hotter, followed by a chime when it reaches your preset temperature.

The kettle's also available in white, black, silver, and sugar pearl color schemes for something under £200 when it launches here, but who would opt for anything other than that Tony Starkian candy apple red? [KitchenAid via Appliancist]