This Is Bioshock Infinite: The Movie

By Sam Gibbs on at

While purely as a shooter, Bioshock Infinite is getting mixed reviews, but you don't play a Bioshock game because it's the next Call of Duty, you buy it for the epic story line. What if you didn't even have to play it to find out what happens? Meet Bioshock Infinite -- Special Movie Version.

OK, so it's 3.5 hours long, so maybe save it for a couple of legs of your commute, but basically it contains only the very best bits of Bioshock Infinite, with small snippets of gameplay interspersed between cut scenes to make it as cinematic as possible.

I'd suggest not watching it if you're planning to play Bioshock Infinite, of course, because this will ruin the story for you. But if you're never planning to play it, or you've already burned through it and want to relive the tale without having to suffer through a rubbish combat system, dig in. [YouTube via 4CR via Kotaku]