This Is the Badass Dark Enterprise Kirk Battles In Star Trek Into Darkness

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the next film in J.J. Abrams's reborn Star Trek series — including who exactly Benedict Cumberbatch is playing — but now we've got one more piece of the puzzle. It was briefly teased in the last trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, but via the film's mobile app, we now have a great shot of the Dark Enterprise.

Dubbed the USS Vengeance — which probably isn't Starfleet approved — the ship looks like a combination of the USS Enterprise from the TNG series, the USS Enterprise from the original TNG movies, and the USS Excelsior. But it's covered in a dark, intimidating paint job that also seems to work like a natural cloaking device against the darkness of space. Maybe Starfleet could learn a lesson in camouflage here? [Ain't It Cool News]