This is the Ferrari F1 Simulator Alonso Uses to Practice

By Sam Gibbs on at

When you think of the best of F1 drivers, you kind of assume that their prowess on the track is god-given, and while you might be right to some extent, they certainly practice, a lot. This is the very simulator that Ferrari built for Fernando Alonso, and apparently it can even be programmed to teach him new tricks.

Now that F1's got only ten days per season for actual on-track testing and practice before racing begins, sophisticated simulators have become incredibly important to the drivers. You can programme them to throw up particular scenarios, do full races, practice starts, or even train drivers in specific tasks, ever improving their racing.

According to the Ferrari man, they get even more sophisticated than this too, but this is the one that Alonso uses to train a couple of hours a day in. I guess it beats pushing numbers around in a spread sheet all day. [BBC]