This is Why an Always-on Xbox Would Be a Bad Idea

By Gary Cutlack on at

The internet was full of more moaning sad men than usual over the weekend, as a massive chunk of downtime broke Xbox Live and crippled Microsoft's gaming service in the UK and overseas. This is why we don't want to have to deal with an always-on console.

The glitch hit Xbox Live during the critical Saturday night gaming slot, when users found themselves unable to sign in. This instantly wiped out online multiplayer games, broke media and streaming apps, rendered games with server-side storage unplayable and generally hinted at the sort of apocalyptic future that could be triggered should Microsoft push ahead with its alleged "always-on" next-gen Xbox.

Microsoft has not yet gone public with any reason for the outage, although hacking collecting Anonymous has already claimed not-responsibility, in case you were wondering. [Techradar]