This Lamp Belongs in a City Skyline

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Is this some kind of robotic arm? Or a miniature skyscraper? Actually, no, it's just a humble table lamp—but its design allows it to assume all kinds of amazing, striking forms.

Made from four independent segments—the lowest of which spins 360 degrees about the vertical, while the others bend between 0 and 90 degrees to the horizontal—the lamp can be bent into a wide range of striking architectural poses. Designer Daniel Libeskind explains:

"Like a miniature skyscraper when standing perpendicular, the 'Paragon' consists of four segments so that the lamp can be playfully bent at three joints to create a myriad of interesting geometric shapes; sometimes it can be made to look like a perched bird, at other times it resembles a rocket poised for launch. A lamp head fitted with the latest LED technology tops the vertical extrusion which acts as a paragon for all the other potential forms derived therefrom."

A paragon indeed. The lamp is being formally unveiled by Artemide during this week's Milan Design Week 2013. Pricing is currently unconfirmed. [Design Boom]

Image by artemide