This Nintendo Knock-Off is the Most Ridiculous Rip-Off Game I Think I've Ever Seen

By Sam Gibbs on at

OK, this is getting stupid. Games that instantly attempt to fleece you for £70 the moment you try to play should be banned. This particular beauty not only rips off Pokemon and Mario, but also attempts to milk your wallet at almost every turn. This genuinely is the most absurd thing in mobile gaming I think I've seen in a very long time.

Found by the guys over at IGN, you only have to watch the video of it in action for about 30 seconds before you realise just what Super Monster Bros By Adventure Time Pocket Free is all about: Ripping you, and everyone else, off.

Just imagine if your kid got hold of this; is your password really that hard to guess? OFT, you should definitely look at this piece of utter garbage. How on Earth did Apple let this thing through the App Store approval process I do not know. Ban it. Now. [IGN]