This Teensy Keychain Knife Could Save Your Life One Day

By Eric Limer on at

There are plenty of knives out there you could feasibly carry around with you all the time—Gerber's got a whole suite of them. The latest to join the crew is an especially tiny lil' guy, but it could save your life.

The the Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife is a itty-bitty, reliable, discrete little sucker that fits right into a sheath you can keep on your keychain. When extracted, it can cut you out of some restrictive clothes or a seatbelt in an emergency. Admittedly, that's not all that likely to happen, so in the meantime it can handle things like envelopes or freezer bags, or wire-ties.

On top of being handy, it's pretty, compact, and cheap at just £7.20. So if you're looking for a knife that doesn't scream "I AM CARRYING A KNIFE," look no further. [Gerber via Core77]