Tokyo ISP's Insane 2Gbps Fibre Broadband Now Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Sony-backed ISP in Japan has launched an astonishingly quick new broadband option, letting local users register for an unbelievable two gigabytes per second home fibre service. But don't be too jealous, they'll probably only get 1.7Gbps in the evenings.

The service, which is available to lucky users who live in the footprint of Tokyo-based So-net Entertainment, offers a stonking 1Gbps upload speed as well, yours for a monthly fee of around £33. There's a hefty setup fee to get it connected and running, though, a bit like the UK's forthcoming FTTP fibre on demand option, with the ISP asking for a standard installation charge of around £5,000 to access the ultimate in home broadband.

It's unlikely anyone will see 2Gbps speeds, though, what with the limitations in home server and wireless equipment, as that amazing level of internet-grabbing exceeds the maximums of... everything. [PC World]

Image credit: Engineer from Shutterstock