Ultra-Slim Multitools Are a Smuggler's Dream Come True

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Stat Key, makers of fine novelty-shaped keys, is expanding its brand to include a line of ultra-thin and ultra-simple tools called the Every Day Carry Multitools. Made from stainless steel covered in military grade anticorrosive ceramic, there's a good chance the Stat EDC tools will outlive you.

Available in four different versions depending on your function and size needs, all of the EDC tools come with a short knife blade and ruler markings etched on the sides, as well as pry bars, nail removers, and a hole for hanging them from a keychain. They range in price from £45 to £70, and look like they'd be easy to slip into a pocket undetected, or even bake into a cake as needed. [Stat Key via Notcot]