Watch a Woman from the 1990s Explain What a Computer Is

By Casey Chan on at

One of the things that will never fail to make me happy: seeing people stuck in time explain what modern day technology is. Kim Komando hosted an educational series about computer and explains the basics of its hardware, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Write and more.

A few of my favourite quotes:

"What happens when you press the wrong button? Does it blow up?"

"That's how simple DOS is. It's like house cleaning"

"This is called pointing. There's also click"

"We're going to use the clock program now"

"It's not tough to use a computer. And nothing even blew up!"

Gotta love the people educating the luddites of the tech world who thought if anything messed up in your computer, you'd get blown up. What's amazing is that Kim Komando still hosts a radio show about technology. [Komando via DeeprUnderstanding via Laughing Squid]