Watching a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S4 Hit the Deck and Bounce Is Proper Car-Crash TV

By Sam Gibbs on at

What's the best thing you can do with your shiny new gadget? Slam it on the floor and watch it bounce in slow motion, of course. It sure makes for some morbid watching. How does the incredibly repairable Samsung Galaxy S4 stand up against the best of the rest? It's not pretty.

To be honest, it depends how you drop these things. As you can see above and below, two different tests came away with two different results. Android Authority did real-world-style drop tests, and while the Galaxy S4 failed at the last hurdle and the iPhone 5 didn't, it fared pretty well.

However, slightly more scientific testing conducted by gadget-warranty provider SquareTrade showed a different story. Pitting the Galaxy S4 against the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, the new Samsung flagship cracked up from the first drop.

Sadly neither did side-by-side tests with the HTC One nor the Sony Xperia Z, it'd be interesting to see how the rugged and the solid construction fair against concrete. So, while your plastic-covered Galaxy S4 is pretty repairable, it's not the most hardy, probably because of that massive screen. You might want to refrain from dropping it, you know, until the initial gadget lust has warn off at least. [Android Authority, SquareTrade]

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