We Don't Suggest You Go Parkour-Crazy For the Nokia Lumia 920, But...Go Crazy, Yes

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We could name half a dozen action cams that you could strap to your helmet as you leap about the city (ok, your bedroom. Ok, your nearest park's jungle gym) filming your pursuits, but as Nokia shows in this video (made with those adrenaline-estros at Red Bull), you may as well grab your nearest gadget featuring built-in optical image stabilisation and use that instead. That'll be one of those colourful Nokia Lumia 920s, then.

Check out the video above, featuring world champion freerunner Ryan Doyle and parkour-ite Will Sutton (so young and nimble, Nokia ought to slap a warning label on this video for the intense shade of green you'll likely turn following a viewing), and if you're left with the overriding urge to a.) jump off buildings, or b.) buy a PureView camera-outfitted Nokia Lumia 920, we'd suggest you just stick to the latter, which can be had for as little as £449.99 PAYG, or free upfront from £37/month on contract. [Nokia]