What the New Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Have Been

By Scott Laczay on at

Samsung has seemingly spent several small countries' entire GDP on marketing and promoting the impending Galaxy S4, but it all falls flat once you actually get the phone in your hand. It's not a bad phone, it's just... yawn.

The engineers over at Samsung have managed to pack in everything but the kitchen sink into the Galaxy S4, including nine sensors, which can measure barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and loads more. But the question we keep asking ourselves is why were they so lazy on the design front? I mean, it's just a Galaxy SIII with a marginally larger screen.

Here is a glimpse at what could have been, in a concept design from Florin Kumnova. The most eye catching and clearly defining feature in this concept is the edge-to-edge display with an ultra-thin bezel. Hey Samsung, keep your barometric sensors and give us a true edge-to-edge display! We'd even forgive the polycarbonate, err, plastic, body. [Behance via Ubergizmo]