What If the HTC One Came In These Awesome Colours?

By Sam Gibbs on at

HTC's finances have hit rock bottom, profit's down, revenue's down, and production hiccups mean it just can't get that fantastic new flagship out the door fast enough. HTC's going to need some seriously miraculous sales to dig it out of that mess, so maybe going radically coloured with the HTC One is the way forward?

Producing these explosively coloured renders, at least that's what Richard Lai, Engadget Chinese's Editor-in-Chief, thought, and I tend to agree with him. There's no doubt HTC's built some gorgeous hardware here. The screen, the smooth metal body, and incredibly solid construction all ooze premium. But why not make it a tad more colourful?

What do you think? Should HTC add to the sleek silver, white and black with these loud and proud colours? Imagine a Manchester City sky blue or Southampton red-and-white pinstripe. As gorgeous they would be eye-catchingly colourful.

Renders by Richard Lai, published with permission.