What the Gov.uk Site Would Look Like if the Daily Mail Ran It

By Chris Mills on at

The Daily Mail is up in arms over the gov.uk site winning the Design of the Year award, because, among other things, it 'doesn't have enough pictures'. So we've donned our Daily Mail-editor hats, and re-imagined what sort of visual wares the Mail would use to illustrate all the little bits of everyone's favourite government portal.


Driving and Transport

Girls and cars. All that's missing is a "phwooooaaaaarrrrr".

Image credit: Sexy girl from Shutterstock


Business and self-employed

Good 'ole salt-of-the-earth self-employed no-shit-taking. As it should be.



Stealing all our money/ruining the country/bring back National Service and Queen Victoria.


Employing people

The world was better when everyone had dirty faces and moustaches.

Image credit: Proper Cornish


Passports, Travel, and Living Abroad

"Can I sell you some garlic to accompany your communism and surrender treaties?"

Image credit: French man from Shutterstock


Education and learning

Kids these days, don't know they're born.

Image credit: Teacher from Shutterstock


Working, Jobs and Pensions

We don't actually know what goes on in there but WE DON'T LIKE IT.


Housing and Local Services

Computer says no.


Crime, Justice and the Law

Criminals these days, don't know they're born

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


Money and Tax

We're the government and we want your money.


Births, Deaths, marriages and care



Disabled People

No. I want that one.


Inside Government

Civil servants: burning money since 1748.

Image credit: Burning money from Shutterstock


Citizenship and living in the UK

All immigration enquiries should be addressed to...: