Who Knew People Could Jump Rope Like This?

By Casey Chan on at

You've probably been impressed with playground kids jumping rope (or is it jump roping?). You've already seen boxers whip the jump rope fast enough to create a wormhole. But you've never seen a person jump rope like this. This woman is absolutely incredible.

Adrienn Banhegyi, the woman doing all the tricks with a jump rope that you couldn't even do if you weren't holding anything, is a performer with the Cirque de Soleil and actually holds two world records for jump roping. I can barely walk without stumbling; how can Banhegyi bounce off the floor? How can she catch the rope after purposefully dropping it in stride? How can she do this? Better yet, how did she know she can do this?

The video was filmed by our good ol' friend Devin Super Tramp in Budapest, Hungary. [Devin Super Tramp]