Why Yes, You Can Buy Your Own Full-Sized Iron Man Suit

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Iron Man 3 premiere was last night, and while most of us probably haven't yet got eyes-on with Stark's latest epic, maybe you're already eyeing-up the righteous Marvel merch? How about a full-sized Iron Man supersuit? Hell yes.

We currently have no idea how costly this thing is going to be in the UK, or whether it'll even fly ship over here, but it costs a whopping $8,500 in the states, which is about £5,600 in real money. Ouch. We also don't know whether you'll be able to get in it and fly about the place (doubtful), but it apparently has light-up eyes, palms, base, and arc reactor, so there's that. It's even got real car paint on the outside.

Still, it sure would complete your shrine to Iron Man. Until you know, you can build-up your own weapons-manufacturing empire, make billions, and then construct a fully-working supersuit of your own. Everyone's got to have a dream, right? [Sideshow via Kotaku]