Wii U a Global Sales Flop as Old Wii Outsells Nintendo's New Casual Dream

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nintendo's latest set of financial figures underline exactly how much of a disaster its new Wii U console has been at retail, with the machine selling just 3.45m units since launch and an inconsequential 300,000 in the last quarter. It's dead already.

The original old Wii machine managed to sell more units than the Wii U this last year, with the cheaper casual box selling 3.98m units over the same period. Blaming "weaker than expected sales" of Wii U and its 3DS portable, Nintendo's net income for the year was a staggering 49.3 per cent lower than forecast.

In the face of a massive quality software drought that's set to last until the end of the year and Microsoft and Sony both launching new hardware this winter, it's difficult to see Nintendo, ever the master of the tech turnaround, managing to turn this one around. [MCV]