Spot-Check Finger Scanner Could Catch You Boozing-On-the-Job

By Sam Gibbs on at

Big Brother doesn't like you drinking. In fact, surveillance society might just get cranked up a notch in Britain if this instant spot-check finger scanner gets deployed. It scans your digits to tell precisely how drunk you are so there's no hiding the morning after.

To be fair, use in the transport industry isn't such a bad idea. It'd be nice if you could guarantee that your driver is stone-cold sober before ploughing you into the car in front. But unions are, of course, up in arms about it.

Would you be OK getting spot-checked for blood alcohol levels? TheĀ AlcoSense TruTouch just uses near-infrared light to measure alcohol through the skin, so no pricks are needed here. I can't say it'd bother me. [Metro]

Image credit: Drinking from Shutterstock

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