14 Reasons to Keep Your Gadgets Away from Open Flame

By Attila Nagy on at

Some men (and women!) just want to see the world burn. Others are content to focus more specifically on technology. Whichever one you are, if you've ever thought about chucking a misbehaving iPod into the incinerator, you're going to enjoy this.

Who's up for some catharsis?


A Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera during a durability test

Source: DigitalRev TV


Destroyed in a house fire: DVD player, Digital Converter box, speaker, Santa

Photo: Travis S.


Old mobile phone burning

Source: gamerzak


Fires and dryers don't mix

Photo: Travis S.


32GB iPhone meets its demise

Source: xarisaris


Melted iPhone cable

Photo: Dan Melinger


A monitor's last visual triumph

Source: eggy15


Phoenix laptop

Photo: secumem/Wikimedia Commons


Roasting an Android tablet

Source: Kenzie Khaos


Destroying a Nokia E71

Source: technologybreaks


RC car burns rubber

Source: SuperMatinator


A GoPro action cam case isn't built for this particular action

Source: jai MANSSON


Destruction of an iPod

Source: Kscope


Ditching your Sky sub's got nothing on burning your TV

Source: thebenthejaminable

Top animgif source: acme663ryo