30 Second Chit Chat Replaces PINs and Passwords at One Barclays Division

By Gary Cutlack on at

An introductory chat about the weather and last night's TV may soon be enough to get you through your bank's telephone security system, with Barclays successfully testing a voice recognition tool that authenticates users by analysing their speech patterns.

The Barclays Wealth investment division is is using a the FreeSpeech voice biometrics system developed by input specialist Nuance, which compares with a pre-recorded "unique voiceprint" that's held on file with a live chat when you call in. After your polite conversation's done, the operator's told by the system whether it believes you or not, doing away with the need to remember pass codes and the like.

So unless there's a madman holding a knife to your throat, it's a good solution that may end the misery of having to remember things like passwords, dates of birth, places you've lived in and the names of your children. [Telegraph]