3D Printed Gun on a Train Poses "International Security Risk" Says Daily Mail

By Gary Cutlack on at

While some experts claim the plastic "gun" is about as effective a weapon as holding a bullet in your hand with a pair of pliers and hitting it with a pin, it hasn't stopped some from panicking about the possible mass proliferation of plastic weaponry.

A worried-looking young Mail on Sunday reporter caused a bit of a stir over the weekend, by showing that he was able to sneak one of the 3D printed guns through security and onto the Eurostar. He didn't bring any bullets with him and doesn't appear to have killed, maimed or even threatened anyone, so we still don't know how people will react when this Fisher Price plastic gun is pointed in their direction.

The printed gun, known as the Liberator, was produced by the Mail's team using the schematics, before being split into three parts and carried on to the Eurostar by two people. They then taped it together and stood about trying to look serious and menacing in the doorways, like teenage boys taking a bread knife to a park and seizing possession of the swings.

As for the gun itself, designer and distributor DEFCAD has removed the 3D plans from its site, after the US government requested it stop causing so much trouble. [Daily Mail via The Register]