3D Printed Gun Tested Again, This Time it Self-Destructs in Police Hands

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new test print-'n-shoot of that controversial 3D printed gun has not gone quite as planned, with police in Australia printing up a pair of Liberators -- only to see one blow itself to pieces when fired for the first time.

The test was carried out by the New South Wales Police Force, who released the test firing video as a warning to the public. And, seeing as that broken plastic stump up there is all that's left of one of the gun after the bullet pressure blew it apart, this isn't your usual case of authoritative scaremongering.

However, it wasn't a complete disaster for the Liberator. The other test gun fired as designed, managing to penetrate 17cm into a resin block. That'd kill a person, if that's what you're after. [The Register]