£50m Says You Might Get Hyperoptic's Gigabit Internet in a Year or Five

By Gary Cutlack on at

Niche ISP Hyperoptic, which does pretty well for itself from wiring up blocks of flats with  FTTH links that provide internet speeds hitting the 1Gbps dream speed, has secured £50m in cash to help spread its super-superfast internet dream across the more densely populated bits of the UK.

The investment money will be put toward helping the ISP hit its target of connecting 500,000 homes to its 1Gbps "Hyper-sonic" broadband product, which it currently offers to those who fall within its baby-sized footprint for around £50 a month. It'll take five years to hit the 500,000 user number, but it's a start. [Hyperoptic via Think Broadband]

Image credit: Broadband engineer from Shutterstock