57 New Screens That Show You Everything You Need to Know About GTA V

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rockstar's dumped an absolute motherload of GTA V screenshots onto the internet for your viewing pleasure. From cars, choppers, quad-bikes and motorbikes, to jet fighters, skydiving, mini-guns and scuba, this thing is going to be epic. There's even some sort of Mission Impossible moment, clinging to the glass of a high-rise office block. Ethan Hunt eat your heart out.

Who knows what the gameplay's really going to be like, but from a graphical point of view, it looks like a quantum leap over GTA IV. We'll have to wait to see whether the graphics hold up in actual gameplay rather than in-game engine cut scenes, of course. I'm amazed at just the incredible amount of things you can seemingly do that aren't actually part of the main story. Let's hope you can fly that jet when the rozzers come hunting you down in their gunship choppers, then we'll see who's boss. [Rockstar]