A Six-Day Transatlantic Cruise Is Your Titanic-Beating Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

The Titanic. Bit of a nightmare, all things considered, what with the sinking and everything. It's put us right off the idea of sailing from the UK to the USA.

But what if we could FLY to the States and then sail back? Hmmm... sounds reasonable. Well hello there, what's this? It's only a Titanic-busting trip which includes a flight to New York and a six-day Cunard cruise back to Southampton, thus eliminating the possibility of replicating that sinking and death stuff. Best of all, it's only £549.00. Bon voyage intrepid explorers!


Today's Bonus Dealz

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- Harry Potter Collection (Blu-ray) - £19.99 (pre-owned) or £24.99 (new).
- Hydrophobia: Prophecy (PC) -- only 99p.
- Samsung 840 (250GB) -- only £124.98 delivered.
- Nokia Lumia 520 (PAYG upgrade) -- yours for £89.95.
- Dead Island Riptide (PS3/360) -- just £22.99.
- Bioshock Infinite (360/PS3) -- only £24.99.
- Kingston 240GB HyperX 3K SSD 2.5" SATA-III -- yours for £129.99.
- Duracell Ultra AAA alkaline battery (8 pack) - only £2.49 delivered.

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