A Staggering 40 Per Cent of Peak EU Internet Traffic Is Just Us Streaming Telly and Films

By Gary Cutlack on at

The demand for "real time" streaming media is pushing ISPs like never before, with new stats claiming an average 40 per cent of all peak internet traffic in Europe is generated by demand for music and video streams. And in some countries it accounts for as much as half of all network traffic.

The stats come from the Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report, which highlights how big a part of modern life YouTube is, with Google's streaming site alone consuming 24.25 per cent of all downstream traffic. Given that streaming media is still a relatively new pursuit, these are incredible figures.

The report also added some meat to Netflix's claim that legal streaming services impact upon illegal file-sgaring, saying: "Countries with access to paid services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer typically had real-time entertainment as a higher share of traffic. In Europe, countries with lower real-time entertainment share typically have higher filesharing traffic, which leads us to believe that subscribers are likely using applications like BitTorrent to procure audio and video content not available in their region." [Digital TV Europe via Techradar]