A Stark Reminder That Drones Are Filling Our Skies

By Jamie Condliffe on at

It's hard to avoid the increasing prevalence of drones, but in case you were in any doubt this artwork—Under the Shadow of the Drone—serves as a stark reminder that they're increasingly filling our skies.

Conceived by James Bridle, this is a one-to-one representation of an MQ-9 reaper military drone, drawn on the tarmac of Brighton's seafront in the UK. He explains his choice of color:

"This green is the colour of the future; chromakey green; greenscreen; the colour onto which we project our hopes and fantasies. it is the colour of technologically-augmented vision; the bright green of digital cameras and machine vision; of laser targeting systems; of late evolution. This green is the least 'natural' of colours; or rather, it is the colour of another nature, verdant and elusive, that we live within and alongside, but have barely begun to notice."

Regardless of whether you buy into that, it's a crystal-clear reminder that drones are real, here and increasingly common. Quite how they'll shape our future, well, that remains to be seen. [James Bridle via Design Boom]