Accidental Architectural Patterns From All Over the World

By Leslie Horn on at

Photographer Jared Lim has an knack for capturing colourful patterns around the world, and they make for some eye-catching photos in his series Urban Exploration.

As he told MyModernMet, the project is a work in progress that's spanned many years. The Singapore-based Lim travels for work, and over the course of his trips, he's culled images from all over the world:

Since most of the places I travel to are major cities, architecture is the prevailing theme. I have loved geometry since I was a kid. Even when I was young, I loved to create repeated patterns and designs at school.

For example, here's one called Origami, taken from the facade of a building in Melbourne, Australia:

Check out the curves in the roof of the Sydney Opera House:

Or the symmetry of this building in Nagoya, Japan:

And the fading gradient of the colours of these chairs in a Beijing stadium:

As well as the organised green and yellow blocks on this place in Adelaide, Australia.

Lim has quite the gift for spotting the lively patterns in every day buildings. You can check out more of his work on his Facebook page. [MyModernMet]

All photos courtesy Jared Lim